The Janowska Road

The Janowska Road

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Author: Leon Weliczker Wells

Interned for years by the Nazis in the Janowska forced labor camp in Lvov, Poland, Leon Wells was consigned to a Sonderkommando unit, “the Death Brigade,” and tasked to eliminate all traces of the daily murders perpetrated in that camp. Mr. Wells eloquently recalls his experiences, describing life beyond imagination in its suffering and loss. 

The memoir details life before the Holocaust, as Jews residing in the Polish province of Galicia. Leon and his family were marched down the Janowska Road to the forced labor camp. Leon eventually escaped, was recaptured, and was assigned to the work detail in the camp crematorium. He escaped again and went into hiding until liberation, later testifying at the Nuremberg trials and the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem. 


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