Sobibor: A History of a Nazi Death Camp

Sobibor: A History of a Nazi Death Camp

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Author: Jules Schelvis

Editor: Bob Moore

Translator: Karin Dixon

Established in German-occupied Poland, the camp at Sobibör began its dreadful killing operation in May 1942. By October 1943, approximately 167,000 people had been murdered there. Sobibör is not well documented, and were it not for an extraordinary revolt on October 14, 1943, we would know little about it. On that day, prisoners staged a remarkable uprising in which 300 men and women escaped. The author identifies only 47 who survived the war. Sent in June 1943 to Sobibör, where his wife and family were murdered, Jules Schelvis has written the first book-length, fully documented account of the camp. He details the creation of the killing center, its personnel, the use of railways, selections, forced labor, gas chambers, escape attempts, and the historic uprising. In documenting this part of Holocaust history, this compelling and well-researched account advances our knowledge and understanding of the Nazi attempt to annihilate European Jews.

This is a co-published title with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.


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