On the Death of Jews: Photographs and History

On the Death of Jews: Photographs and History

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Author:  Nadine Fresco

Translated from the French by Sarah Clift

With a Foreword by Dorota Glowacka

In December 1941, on a shore near the Latvian city of Liepaja, Nazi death squads (the Einsatzgruppen) and local collaborators murdered more than 2,700 Jews in more than three days. The majority were women and children, most men having already been shot during the summer. The perpetrators took pictures of the December killings. These pictures are among the rare photographs from the first period of the extermination, during which over 800,000 Jews from the Baltic to the Black Sea were shot to death. By showing the importance of photography in understanding persecution, Nadine Fresco offers a powerful meditation on these images, while confronting the essential questions of testimony and guilt.

This is a co-published title with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.


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