"American Liberators" Deck of Cards
"American Liberators" Deck of Cards
"American Liberators" Deck of Cards

"American Liberators" Deck of Cards

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In spring 1945, American troops first reached Nazi camps. They did what they could to save the lives of those imprisoned there, while preserving the evidence of the Holocaust. Commemorate these brave Americans and their sacrifices with this deck of playing cards, which represent each US Army infantry and airborne unit involved in liberating Nazi camps. 

Each number card includes:

Name of Unit
Nickname of unit
Full-Color Patch
Name of Camp liberated
Date of Liberation

Jacks and Queens include the countries or groups involved in liberation with the major camp(s) liberated as well as each country’s military losses in the European theater. Kings include all of the flags from the liberating countries and groups. Aces include all of the US Army  units represented on individual cards.

The deck comes in a full-color cardboard box containing the cards in a plastic holder.

Learn more about the liberation of Nazi camps.