I Survived: My Name is Yitzkhak

I Survived: My Name is Yitzkhak

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Author: Harry Butowsky  

Born in 1912, Yitzkhak (Isadore) Neiman began life as a handyman's son in the rural village of Czuczewicze, on the eastern border of Poland. The town's Jewish community and gentile farmers lived together in relative harmony until the war came to them in 1941. One year later, almost every member of the Neiman family would be dead, and only Yitzkhak's conscription into the Russian Army would save his life.

Interviewed by Dr. Harry Butowsky in the 1970s, Mr. Neiman narrates his service in two armies, imprisonment in a Soviet work camp, and escape to the United States in stunning, heartbreaking detail. At every turn Mr. Neiman's memories reveal the struggles, ingenuities, and small kindnesses of everyday life under total war as he crisscrosses borders, battles hunger, and escapes violence.


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