I am Because of You (Autographed Copy)

I am Because of You (Autographed Copy)

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Author: Miriam Dobin

Dobin has written a moving account of her life as a child of Holocaust survivors. She was raised by a loving aunt and uncle, also survivors, while her mother struggled with illness and her father worked long days. Dobin feels deeply that her story carries forward the history of her people, her culture, and her religion, a project accomplished with caring and love. Her tale of a family that barely survived annihilation crosses the generations, entwining stories of her parents and grandparents with those of her own children. It climaxes during a trip to Slovakia and western Ukraine, where she and her husband meet people who remember her family. Past and future converge when her newborn granddaughter is given the name Esther—after Dobin’s beloved aunt. This family saga is enriched with first-person accounts and photographs, maps, and documents in several Eastern European languages and an English translation. 


282 Pages