Hanna, I Forgot to Tell You: A Novel

Hanna, I Forgot to Tell You: A Novel

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Author: Estelle Laughlin

This novel tells the story of Malka, a teenaged Jewish girl in the Warsaw ghetto, who is smuggled into a Christian neighborhood and given a new identity. The novel highlights a historically accurate, but not frequently told Holocaust narrative about a small number of Jewish children who were smuggled into Christian families in neighborhoods that abutted the confined ghetto. Laughlin’s novel describes the harrowing process of trying to obtain false identity papers and secreting away children through an underworld of smugglers and black marketeers. Malka learns to navigate this world, while some family and friends find ways to trade for extra food, and others disappear and are never heard from again. A beautiful and solemn story of survival, Hanna, I Forgot to Tell You counts the costs for those who made it to the other side of an impossibly dark moment of history. 


224 pages