Cracow Ghetto Pharmacy

Cracow Ghetto Pharmacy

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Author: Tadeusz Pankiewicz

Tadeusz was a pharmacist in the Cracow ghetto until its liquidation in March of 1943. He was the only non-Jew permitted by the Germans to maintain a pharmacy within the ghetto confines and was an eyewitness to the events that took place there. His drugstore became a meeting place for inhabitants of two worlds: the Jewish population and those who lived beyond the ghetto walls. He describes the day-to-day suffering of the ghetto’s inhabitants, as well as the risks to his own life while helping Cracow’s Jews. In recognition for his efforts, he was awarded the honorary title “Righteous among Nations” by Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, and a tree was planted there in the name of this heroic and humane individual. 


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