Antisemitism on the Rise: The 1930s and Today

Antisemitism on the Rise: The 1930s and Today

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Editors: Ari Kohen and Gerald L. Steinacher

Antisemitism on the Rise is a collection of essays by some of the world’s leading experts, including Joseph Bendersky, Jean Cahan, R. Amy Elman, Leonard Greenspoon, and Jürgen Matthäus, regarding two key moments in antisemitic history: the interwar period and today. Ari Kohen and Gerald J. Steinacher have collected important examples on this crucial topic to illustrate new research findings and learning techniques that have become increasingly vital with the recent rise of white supremacist movements, many of which have a firm root in antisemitism.

Part one focuses on the antisemitic beliefs and ideas that were predominant during the 1930s and 1940s, while part two draws comparisons between this period and today, including examples of ways to teach others about contemporary antisemitism. The volume seeks to inform readers about the historical progression of antisemitism and, in doing so, asks readers to think about what is at stake and how to bridge the gap between research and teaching.


268 pages